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About Karin

Short version

My name is Karin Wood and I live in Sweden.

With my first career as a professional dancer, second as a web developer and software engineer, a Permaculture Design Certificate and a long standing productivity interest, I come with a broad perspective.

After a severe burnout, I’m on a mission to explore productivity and life from a regenerative perspective – achieving your goals with collateral well-being instead of collateral damage.

Three Saplings is where I share my thoughts and findings on that journey.

Long version

I started out training in an elite ballet school. While time made it clear that I was not good enough at classical ballet to become the Ultimate Ballerina, I still loved dancing and I continued working as a freelance contemporary dancer for more than 15 years after graduation.

On the side, I made deep dives into my various topics of interest. That made me pick up, among other things, web development, a Permaculture Design Certificate, and become chairman of the board at the local daycare co-op .

My life changed when I crashed in a burnout and I had to climb back up from a deep deep hole. Healing meant that I needed to grow in new ways as a person. I’ve always been interested in personal growth, but suddenly growth became a necessity and not an optional extra.

I switched gears and took a job for the first time of my life, as a software developer, while launching a quest to understand what happened to me and create a better way of living.

Three Saplings is where I share thoughts and findings from my journey of exploring how humans work, what makes a life well lived, and how to pursue life while building things up instead of breaking them down.

I share because I have to. I don’t want to die with the music still inside me. I believe that sharing ideas is a way to learn and grow. And if there’s a possibility that something I’ve learnt can help a fellow human, I feel an obligation to contribute.

In the artist world, I appear as a calculating brainac. In the world of IT, I look like a creative oddball. In general, I’m an ever curious person with too many interests to count.

I care about privacy, autonomy, mental health, and having a playful attitude while being serious about continuous development as a person. Keeping up vitality is also something close to my heart, as is consciousness and awareness.

If anything I’ve written has helped you or made a difference, I’d love to know about it! Hearing about your story is fuel that keeps me going.

Come say hi to me on twitter @karintwood, or send me an email.

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